Creation inspiring Creation!

Initially, I was not so keen on the idea of working with insects, but using the Malaise Trap reduced my worry with directly dealing with those creatures significantly, because when we would be collecting our insect samples they’d be dead in the collection bottle filled with ethanol.

Although, being an artist who gains inspiration from almost anything, while dealing with the course of our experiment, the last thing on my mind was getting inspiration from DEAD INSECTS! However, that proposed to be the EXACT visual scenario that captured my attention, enough to inspire me in creating fashion designs based on the variety of insects.

Below is the image of the collected sample of insects on a sieve where they were poured to be identified and placed in their respective bottles, according to the Order they belonged to. I just happen to see that particular visual and was instantly mesmerized by beautiful shades of navy to cobalt blues, red-oranges, yellows and golds and browns; colors’ of the bodies of the insects against the ¬†shiny, silver sieve net and white cup filled with transparent ethanol.¬†13692255_10154340860727500_846106802_o

Below are the images of clothing that I have drawn that were inspired by the insect image:

Arthropods 2Arthropods 2 (2)ArthropodsArthropods (2)Arthropods 3Arthropods 3 (2)



The 2017 Field Course Posters

I got so many great shots of our students in action, that I decided to put them to good use by turning you all into the poster children for next year’s course:

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Thanks for the Good Times!

For my last post I wanted to share some photos that I and others took during our field course highlighting the fun we had! We learned a lot in our 2 short weeks out in the field, but we also had a great time doing so!






Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone, and kick butt on those reports!